Accounting for
Tech Businesses

We specialise in accounting for Tech Startups and Businesses, providing a full range of solutions tailored to your needs including bookkeeping, tax, payroll, reporting, business advisory and management.

We know the Tech Industry

Running a Tech Business or Startup requires a lot administration that you must adhere to and the ability to balance and manage many tasks at once. Having an experienced accountant and advisor that knows the medical industry on your side can reduce the worry, time and add value to your Tech Business.

  • Xero Cloud Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Forecasting
  • Revenue Reports
  • Marketing Spend

Synchronise your accounting systems

Synchronise your tech business's management software seamlessly with your accounting system

If you are using a business management tool or CRM then we can seamlessly synchronise your account with your accounting system. You will never have to wait for the amounts to be entered in to the accounting system. It will automatically happen and in real time saving you time and giving you peace of mind and ability to see real time data in your accounting system.

We provide Tech Businesses with the right tools and advice using our extensive experience and knowledge of the Tech industry.

Reports and systems

Financial Reporting

Do you have your real time reports at any time and anywhere?
We will help you to have your real time report available on any device at any time, anywhere helping you make the right decisions for you Tech business.

Profit and loss accounts

Do you know if your business is making profit or loss at a touch of a button? We can help you in your decisions by having these categorised reports available to you anytime anywhere.

Revenue Reports

Do you have your real time revenue for the month, or how much you earned in sales vs your forecast?
We will have your revenue reports up to date and available to view in real time on your dashboard with just a few clicks, available to you on any device wherever you are at the time you you need it.

Marketing Spend

Do you know how much you spend on different media for marketing? ​We will help you to have these reports ready in few clicks.

Supplier Invoices

Spend less time sorting supplier invoices

Do you spend a lot of time sorting out supplier invoices everyday? We will make it 10 minutes task for you every week by helping you have your invoices coming to one central device and easy to manage system.

Take control

Do you have control over your supplier invoices? We can help you track your supplier invoices by getting up to date supplier invoice reports in a few clicks showing all payments by your suppliers.

No more duplicate payments

Are you sure you never double paid any invoice? ​We will help you implement system to avoid any duplicate payments and always be on top of your supplier invoices.

Manage your receipts on the go

Are you struggling to keep your receipts while on the go? Have you considered your app on the phone and no need to keep the receipts? ​We will help you implement the app that can capture all your receipts in one go through your mobile camera and integration to your accounting system.


Reduce your payroll to just a 10 minute weekly job!

Streamline your Payroll

Are you spending too much time on payroll? ​ We can reduce your payroll to a 10 min process from running to the payment by automating and streamlining your payroll system. You will only need to to a quick review before processing the payments.

GST & Tax

Automate your GST reports

Do you know how much GST payment is going to be every quarter until your accountant ask you to make the payment? ​We will automate the GST reports for you saving you time and enabling you to see up to date GST reports in real time.

Reduced time spent at tax time

Are you spending too much time at the tax time? ​We will work with you on quarterly basis to manage the tax for the year greatly reducing the amount of time needed at tax time.


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